NECA TOYS Confirmed Next Unreleased Ultimate Jason Figure

NECA TOYS Confirmed Next Unreleased Ultimate Jason Figure

  • By Jason Voorhees
NECA has and had confirmed what would have been their next line of Ultimate Jason figures..... Thats right it would have been a Ultimate Part 7 Jason figure......something fans of both the character and Kane Hodder have been asking and...
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LED Lantern Pumpkin  guide

LED Lantern Pumpkin guide

  • By Sai
Step 1 Bought a 17”in funkin at our local craft store and started sketching out the face .
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Have You Ever?

Have You Ever?

Ever been all in committed to something that you thought would change your life,  like starting a diet, getting a better job or career, or break a bad habit? Maybe you even bought something to get yourself ready to "DO TH...
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Harry Potter Arrested

Harry Potter Arrested

  • By Cousin Skeeter
On Christmas Morning, Harry James Potter was arrested in his home on unknown charges. It is believed, however, that the charge against him is treason. His arrest comes as a shock to eve...
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