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Rob Gerrard Memorial Fund

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The Gerrard Memorial Fund has been set up in memory of Robert Gerrard, the resident historian at Isandlwana Lodge for nearly 20 years, who died in September 2016.


The aim of the Fund is to undertake the renovations at St. Vincent’s Church at Isandlwana.


St. Vincent’s was built to commemorate those who died at the battle of Isandlwana fought on St. Vincent’s Day.   The church is an historic landmark and features some beautiful stained glass windows which are in dire need of repair and restoration.  However the first priority is to establish whether the foundations are sound and attend to those if necessary.   Following that we plan to check the roof, restore the stained glass windows and install new flooring if possible.   So you will appreciate that this is a major restoration.


It also an apt project remembering that Isandlwana was Rob’s home for 20 years;  that the battle was his flagship talk and that, as Prince Buthelezi stated in his Tribute, Rob also died at Isandlwana.


At this stage there is no ‘target’.  The first priority will be to establish whether the foundations do require work, as no other restorations can be undertaken until that is done if necessary.  I am hoping to have some indications regarding the costs for Phase 1 and 2 (foundations and windows) by mid February latest and only then will we be able to look at a target more accurately.


Donations are coming in but in relatively small amounts at this stage.  The Fund will be controlled by myself and the Lodge accountant; and regular updates will be sent out to those who have donated to cover the state of the account and what, if any work, can be undertaken.


Should you require further information, or you would like to make a donation, please contact me and the Bank Account details will be sent to you.


Thank you for your interest in this really worthwhile venture.


Kind regards,


Sally Gerrard Fox

(Rob’s sister)


Peter (ADMIN)

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